Saturday, April 24, 2010

No time to stitch challenge

Posted this on the Counted Cross stitch list, but I've set a challenge- 100 stitches a day in May. Average of course (I've got my little girl's first birthday in May!) and its meant for those of us who haven't been making time to stitch and have projects gathering dust- but if you've got a project gathering dust, feel free to join in! I'm going to be working on Tree Frog Trio first, then probably Birth Announcement (want to get it done before her birthday! ) and if I still have time, get some more of Loving Kittens knocked out.

I stitch (roughly) in blocks but without parking and I have 24 unfinished 10x10stitch blocks left on Tree Frog trio (and 4 smaller blocks) though there's a lot of unstitched spaces and 5 blocks already have some stitching. Probably less than 1,000 stitches. I'm going to post my number of stitches daily (I may even start early, though I won't include those in the average) but probably not pictures.

Good luck anyone who joins me!

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